These are the addresses from our 2017 Synod meetings.
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Bishop Felix says:

"May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

I write to pass on to you the Talks given at our last Synod. Sending these documents to you does not mean that I agree with every detail in each of the Talks. However each Talk has important lessons for us all and they together reflect the understandings of Anglicanism and ministry in our Anglican family. So read the documents with such understanding. If you see any heresy just disregard it and let me know.

My hope is that as a Diocese we should all try to understand the breath of the doctrine, discipline, and worship of our Anglicanism, have a good grasp of Anglican tradition, reason, and experience as sources of knowledge and authority in Anglicanism.

But more importantly, we must uphold the authority and primacy of Scripture over the diocese, you and I, tradition, reason, and experience without jettisoning the good in them. That's what Sola Scripture means. Sola Scriptura does not mean freedom to ignore our Anglican Tradition and appropriate use of our God-given Reason. Instead it means that Scripture is the FINAL AUTHORITY in matters of faith and practice. So let the Bible correct your theology, lifestyle, traditions, experience, and reason.

The reason why the Episcopal Church lost its way and the reason why many in the new Anglican movement will lose their way is because of their unwillingness to submit to the authority and primacy of Scripture. So it is important to me as your Bishop that you pay attention to the Bible for your own good and for that of the Diocese and God's kingdom. I'm very uncompromising on the issue of Scripture over us all.

So please read your Bible, believe the Bible, preach and teach the Bible, and let the Bible control your practice of ministry in the context of our Anglican tradition and our geographical region. And you and I will get along well on that basis. Here are books on Anglicanism that I recommend to you."

by The Right Reverend Dr. Felix Orji

2 Timothy 4

Readiness & Decency

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